About Mosaic

Prayer and worship and growing in Christ as a community are the foundation of Mosaic. They are the foundation from which loving service and ministry flow. Worship. Grow. Engage. That’s what we want to be about as a community.

Why the name “Mosaic”?

Beaver county, and many of the communities within it, are made up of diverse groups of people. In many places, well-maintained homes are just blocks away from those that are not. There are two-parent families, single-parent families, those recovering from addiction, college students, people with a lot of education, people just getting by, and people of different cultures (or cultural backgrounds).

At a community development meeting, we were told that one of the biggest things holding the area back from progress was working together towards a common goal. That coupled with our life experiences helped to birth the vision of Mosaic. We’ve seen what can be done when people listen and love on each other despite their differences. And, we know that is God’s desire-that followers of Christ would be united in love so much that it speaks to those around (John 17).

We chose the name Mosaic to represent this unity in diversity in Christ. Just like a mosaic, our community is made up of broken pieces-people who have been broken by sin and their utter dependence on God. When we come together, to worship and grow, a beautiful work of art is created. And, we pray that beautiful work of art will speak to our community around. Now, more than ever, we need God to break down the walls that divide.

Our Values

Things that make us unique and define what we do as a community.

Bible-Centered Teaching:

We believe the Bible, God’s Word, is the ultimate truth and believe that studying it is key to knowing God. Therefore, we strive to give the Scriptures prominence in our gatherings and commit to provide people the tools they need to effectively study the Bible on their own so they can apply it to their lives.

Transforming Worship:

We believe that we’re most effective when we regularly seek God through prayer, worship and His Word. Knowing and experiencing God is our greatest source of strength for everyday life and ministry. Therefore, seeking God and His enablement is a priority at our gatherings and throughout our day-to-day week.

Incarnational Ministry:

We believe in listening and serving others where they are at. Therefore, we are involved in our community, and seek to continually adapt how we relate and minister to people based on their changing needs and culture.

Authentic Relationships:

We believe being authentic, honest, and vulnerable with God and with each other is best. Therefore, we seek to be authentic in our personal and public worship of Jesus, our relationships with each other, and our relationships with those in our community.

Continual Growth:

We believe that discipleship is a journey, not a destination. We will never get to the point in our relationship with Christ or with each other where we have “arrived”. Therefore, we strive to keep learning and growing in our relationship with Jesus, one another, and our community.

Our Mission

Our overall purpose as a community.

Offering hope by connecting broken people with God and each other.

Helping broken people in our community experience transformation through Christ.

Our Vision

Who we want to be in the next few years.

To be a community-based church that—through worship, growth, and service—sees new generations in Beaver County experience transformation through Christ.

In Isaiah 56:7, God declares, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”
That verse summarizes our vision for Mosaic Community Church:

  • to be a house (a community of that grows deep roots in Christ together)
  • of prayer (a community that seeks and enjoys God’s presence through prayer and worship)
  • for all nations (a community that engages, cares for and serves people from all walks of life)

A House: Growing Deep Roots in Christ Together

We want to grow together in Christ through worshipping together, learning from God through His Word, caring for and ministering to each other through authentic, grace-filled relationships, and serving together.

Of Prayer: Seeking and Enjoying God Together

We want to seek and enjoy God together. This is the foundation of our gatherings. We recognize that the gift of knowing God through Christ is available here and now. We don’t see worship, Bible study or service as another thing to check off the list. We see them as opportunities to commune with God and be transformed by Holy Spirit.

For All Nations: Engaging with and Caring for People from All Walks

We want to see broken people from all walks of life in our community experience the life-giving relationship with Christ we have. We regularly pray for the diverse groups of people living in our community and look for ways to lovingly engage and share with them – people from middle-class families, single mothers, those recovering from addiction, college students, those just getting by, those with a lot of education, and those without a lot. We pray the love that is seen in and among our community will give those around us a taste of the glory to come in Revelation 7:9 where people from every tribe stand before Christ.


Those who help keep us strong.

We are a church plant of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and a vision of the Beaver Valley Network of Churches (First Presbyterian Church of Beaver, The Soma Gathering, Mt Carmel EPC Church, and Mt Olivet EPC Church). We are also a Stadia church plant.